This ‘Intellidrain’ creation ensures cleaner, clog free and easy to maintain drain pipes. The intellibin (Which is part of the Intellidrain) can be removed, emptied and pull back – quickly and conveniently. it also prevents entry of cockroaches through the drain pipe.

Plast Care

Every Itamac sink comes protected with a thin plastic film over its entire body. This Prevents scratches or marks on the sink during installation once installed, the firm can be peeled off revealing a sparkling new sink ready to use.

Sound Deadening Pad

A special sound suppression pad enable Itamac Sinks to absorb excessive noise of utensils during use. This is available on all models.

Easy to Clean

The steel surface of Itamac sinks is effortless to clean and maintain, no hard scrubbers or harsh detergents are required. Only a soft cloth and soapy water can do the job efficiently.


Undercoat is extremely important for kitchen sinks, because it absorbs sound and protects against condensation and corrosion due to humidity in the paneled kitchen cabinet. All Itamac Sinks have an exclusive sprayed undercoating.